IPVanish Users Reviews 2018

The best way to judge a VPN service is to analyze user reviews at bestvpn.co. IPVanish reviews indicate that the service is usually very effective and efficient.

Users find IPVanish to be a highly compatible service that works wonderfully on all platforms. VPN users facing issues with the service frequently tend to update their IPVanish reviews to confirm that their problems were resolved.

The IPVanish setup process (discussed below) is not complicated, but users may run into issues in setting up the service. The following IPVanish review is a classic example of the simple fixes that help the service users resolve issues.

Android users seem to run into a few issues in using the IPVanish app for Android devices, but nothing that seems to be unfixable or avoidable. 

The only thing worse than a bad VPN service, is a VPN service with a bad customer support. Fortunately, the IPVanish reviews prove that IPVanish is constantly looking out for users facing issues. The support team invites users to share their queries and ensures them that no issues are beyond resolution.

The following IPVanish review shows the IPVanish customer support system in action. Users who had a bad experience with the IP Vanish support team can contact the IPVanish PR team to have the issue investigated and pursued by second level support personnel.

IPVanish reviews like these are proof that making VPN users happy is a very complicated task. While most VPN users demand user-friendly VPN software, others are hard to satisfy and keep asking for more manually configurable settings.

Users who find the IPVanish service to be functional usually post positive reviews throughout, whereas those who have bad experiences tend to be equally annoyed with IPVanish.

However, it merits noting that the IPVanish VPN service itself does not seem to suffer from issues. Users who run into problems with the service generally complain about unexpected compatibility issues, VPN connection issues in the software, device related issues, etc. The good news is that the IPVanish support team invests a lot of time into the resolution of these issues, which is why a lot of users generally edit their IPVanish reviews to confirm that their problems were resolved.

IP Vanish VPN Plans & Pricing

All of the IPVanish features and services can be accessed through the IPVanish package that is available in 1, 3 and 12 month denominations. The pricing plans are designed to make IPVanish more accessible and convenient for users with different needs. However, the following details of the pricing plans will help explain how none of the plans are restrictive in any way. You can compare these packages with expressvpn.(30 days money back guarantee)

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IPVanish Review

1 Month IPVanish Plan

The 1 month IPVanish plan is available for $10.00.

This is the smallest IPVanish plan with respect to time period of subscription. Internet users looking to unblock live streams from around the world usually go for the one month IPVanish VPN plan as it helps them unblock the website of their choice when their desired live stream is coming on.

Users who want to watch specific matches usually end up keeping the IP Vanish account to unblock and stream websites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer and more. Others pass on their subscriptions to family and friends in order to make sure that the account does not go to waste.

3 Months IPVanish Plan

The 3 month IPVanish plan costs $26.99, which falls cheaper than the 1 month plan because subscribing to this plan brings the monthly cost down to $8.99, resulting in a 25% discount. Experienced VPN users frequently opt for the IPVanish 3 month plan for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Users who opting for the 3 month plan are usually going out of the country, following TV series, trying to avoid surveillance, etc. Thanks to the consistency of the IPVanish VPN service, users who subscribe to the 3 month plan frequently upgrade to the 1 year plan.

1 Year IPVanish Plan

The 12 month IPVanish plan is favored by users who have come to trust and prefer the IPVanish service, and wish to save on their IPVanish VPN subscription. It is ideal for people who want to ensure that the exposure of their IP address is never a vulnerability and do not feel comfortable under the online surveillance programs run by government and commercial agencies.

The plan is offered at a price of $77.99 and comes to a very affordable $6.49 per month. This results in a 46% discount on the cost of a 12 month IPVanish subscription if it was done through the 1 month plan.

IPVanish Speed Test

We decided to give IPVanish a try over a tough internet connection, and were not disappointed with the results. We ran an online speed test and recorded the following stats for ping, upload speed and download speed.

                              ipvanish speed test

After recording our default internet connection perimeters, we accessed the IPVanish Australia VPN server from the US, and observed the following changes in our ping, upload speed and download speed.


There was no change in the Ping, and hardly and we were glad to see that there was hardly any change in the Download speed. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see that the upload speed had actually increased. Cleary, this is a Fastest VPN Service that online PC gamers and heavy duty multi-player console gaming enthusiasts will love.

IPVanish VPN Server Network

The IPVanish server network is made up of VPN servers spread out across Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania.

The servers are located in over 190 cities around the world, and the network is always expanding to add more servers.Countries with the most IPVanish VPN servers include all frequently preferred locations such as the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Netherlands.

Features offered by IPVanish VPN

Data Protection

IPVanish offers OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. This gives IPVanish users the flexibility they need to ensure adequate data protection by selecting the encryption level of their choice. Using military grade encryption gives IPVanish users the security and anonymity that they need to keep sensitive data safe from online hackers and data thieves.

Unblock Streaming

One of the most popular uses of IPVanish VPN is the unblocking of online streaming websites. These include popular websites like Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, the CW, and ABC. In addition, users also frequently unblock sports websites to stream sports and entertainment events live online. IPVanish has a strong network presence and the VPN servers are popular for their capacity to handle heavy loads during the weekends and the holidays.

ISP Speed Throttling

Speed throttling is becoming increasingly rampant, and profit-hungry ISPs frequently throttle internet users' speeds. Using IPVanish can help users bypass speed throttling as it cloaks IP addresses and allows the user to bypass the user tracking filters designed to throttle speeds.

Public WiFi Hotspot Security

IPVanish is designed to provide public WiFi Hotspot security. Free public WiFi Hotspots are hacker dens. Every time you enter a coffee shop, shopping mall, cafe/restaurant or a book store with a free WiFi, you are almost always targeted by somebody waiting for you to connect to the WiFi using an unencrypted connection.

If you do not activate your IPVanish VPN, all of your data is retrievable and exploitable as it is sent/received in an unencrypted connection over the public WiFi. This is because public WiFi's rarely have the security measures in place to keep users secure. As a result, anybody with a little bit of info on the subject can hack your smartphone or mimic the WiFi Hotspot to gain direct access to your device - if you don't have IPVanish VPN activated.

Online Anonymity

Surveillance agencies work with ISPs to duplicate and store user data without warrants. Using an IPVanish VPN helps anonymize internet activity by giving users secondary online identities that are virtually untraceable. IPVanish offers over 25,000 shared IP addresses that are at use by multiple users around the world at any given time, thereby distorting every user’s online footprint and making it impossible to track an individual user's internet activity.

Online surveillance takes place by exploiting loopholes in legal frameworks, giving surveillance agencies the margin they need to carry out data logging and spying activities on unsuspecting users without discretion.

Unblocking VoIP and P2P

Using VoIP or downloading P2P files can become rather difficult in regions where there are excessive restrictions on the internet. Activating IPVanish helps users bypass the geo-restrictions and helps users bypass geo-restrictions that prevent access to VoIP services and P2P websites.

IPVanish Money Back Guarantee

IPVanish is an industry leader in the VPN services industry. One of the reasons behind this position is that IPVanish gives top priority to customer satisfaction. In the same vein, all subscriptions are covered with a 7 day money back guarantee.

Users subscribing to IPVanish VPN will be able to use the full range of IPVanish features and functions during this time. You can set it up on all your devices and it is recommended that you test it thoroughly during that time period. While the IPVanish team is highly supportive and quick in assisting users, you can ask for a refund within 7 days of your subscription if you are not comfortable with the service for any reason. For more Details, Read our ipvanish review

IPVanish Windows Setup

  • Open the Windows Search Bar and access the Control Panel. Open the Network and Internet settings in the Control Panel.

ipvanish windows setup

  • Open the Network and Sharing Center

  • Click on 'Set up a new connection or network'. The setup wizard will start and you will be given a range of connection options to choose from. Select 'Connect to a workplace' from the list of options, and click 'Next'.


  • The connection setup wizard will give you the option of connecting through VPN or dialing directly. Select 'Use my Internet Connection (VPN)'.


  • The wizard will ask you to either use your internet connection (VPN) or dial directly. Select ‘Use my Internet Connection (VPN) and the setup will proceed automatically.


  • Enter in the 'Internet Address' that you will have taken from the IPVanish server page, and give your connection a name you will recognize by filling in the 'Destination name' field. You will be able to access the IPVanish Servers page once you have created your IPVanish account. Leave all of the check boxes un-checked, and click 'Next' after filling out the aforementioned two fields.


  • Type the user name and password that you setup when signing up for IPVanish.


  • Give the setup a few seconds to finalize the connection and you will be prompted to connect to the IPVanish VPN service. Do not connect yet.


  • Open the Start Menu and open 'View Network Connections' by typing it into the search field. Find your new IPVanish connection and open it. Access 'Properties' and click on the ‘Security' tab.


  • Select PPTP from the drop-down list of 'Type of VPN'. Make sure that the option for “Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)” is checked.


  • Select the 'Networking' tab, and uncheck all check boxes except for 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)'. Click 'ok' and connect.




How to Setup IPVanish VPN on Kodi

IPVanish is a popular VPN service amongst Kodi users. It boasts different features that will help it to stand out as one of the best Kodi VPN services out there. With military grade encryption and multiple servers spread across the globe, IPVanish lets you secure your privacy from copyright trolls, whilst unblocking any geo-restricted Kodi add-ons.

When it comes to configuring a VPN on Kodi, you can use several methods. You can use a Kodi add-on, VPN Manager for OpenVPN to configure a VPN within Kodi addons. However, the process can be tedious and many users have found trouble accessing VPN using this add-on.

Therefore, the simplest way to setup IPVanish on Kodi is through the following method:

  • Sign-up for IPVanish and download its app on your chosen device
  • Install the VPN software / app
  • Launch IPVanish and login using the credentials
  • Now select country, city and server you want to connect 
  • After successful connection, launch Kodi
  • Now enjoy unlimited streaming without any hurdles! 

IPVanish Mac Setup

Much like in the case of Windows, IPVanish offers you the option of either downloading the custom IPVanish client for Mac, or the manual setup. The recommended method is to use the IPVanish Mac software as it is easy to install and gives users access to a user-friendly dashboard containing many of the features and functions that make IPVanish unique from other average VPN services.

ipvanish mac setup

  • Download the IPVanish software from Mac from the official IPVanish website. Do so by dragging the IPVanish app icon to the Applications folder.


  • Find the installed IPVanish app in your Applications folder and open it.


  • You will be promoted to enter your username and password to access the IPVanish software for Mac. Enter the Username and Password that you entered during account creation.


  • The IPVanish app for Mac will present you with a dashboard. Here you can see the amount of data sent/received, the amount of time for which you have been connected, the protocol through which your data is being encrypted, and the address of the IPVanish server to which you are connected.


  • Select the server of your choice and use the toggle switch on the top right corner to activate your IPVanish VPN for Mac. 


  • For details on individual servers, select the IPVanish server by using the 'By City' listing from the menu on the left.


  • For a quicker selection, select the IPVanish server by using the 'By Map' graphical display.


Additional configurations such as protocol, IP address change-over frequency and Kill Switch activation, can be made through the 'Settings' tab. The IPVanish client for Mac also allows you to renew your IPVanish subscription and reach out to the IPVanish support team from within the custom software.

IPVanish generally recommends that users follow the setup process described above. However, expert VPN users who want to manually configure their IPVanish accounts on Mac for PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP XML and PPTP XML protocols.


IPVanish Android Setup

  • The IPVanish Android app can be easily downloaded from the GooglePlay store.

                                                       ipvanish android setup

  • The app will install once download completes. Open the IPVanish Android app and enter your login credentials.


  • Select a server from the list of IPVanish servers. IPVanish offers around 110 VPN servers for Android users.


  • The IPVanish Android app will show you your upload and download speeds as well as the consumed bandwidth and the amount of time for which you have been connected to the IPVanish VPN server.


  • You can also change your password, read the IPVanish FAQ sections or get in touch with the IPVanish support team by emailing them from within the app.



IPVanish iOS Setup

  • Download the IPVanish iOS app for your iPhone (or your iPad) from iTunes and allow it to install.

                                                      ipvanish ios setup    

  • Enter your login credentials or use the exclusive 7-day free trial to take IPVanish iOS app for a test drive.


  • Once you log in (for the first time), you will be required to setup a new profile in order for the app to function.


  • Give the app permission to install the files necessary to run the IPVanish encryption protocol for the iOS device.


  • Tap on Install to complete the setup.


  • Your IPVanish iOS setup is now complete, and you may select the VPN server from the list of IPVanish VPN servers.


  • Once you are connected, the app will show you your new public IP and your new virtual location.


  • You can configure the IPVanish iOS app through the advanced settings.



IPVanish Software Compatibility

IPVanish provides custom VPN software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android based devices. The IPVanish software is highly versatile and very user friendly with a centralized control panel that does not require users to toggle through multiple menus in order to activate their VPN connection.

Internet users owning Windows, Mac, iOS or Android based devices usually opt to download and use the custom IPVanish VPN software because it simplifies the process of selecting a server and encryption level prior to connection activation.

However, the IPVanish service is not limited by software availability. In addition to software compatibility, IPVanish is configurable on a large number of devices as well

IPVanish Support & Help

The IPVanish support and help resources can be found in the IPVanish Support Center. The IPVanish Support Center is accessible from the official IPVanish website, and contains valuable information about the service, its functions, and its features.

Support Center

The support section will give you details on how IPVanish VPN functions, how you can set it up in different devices, how you can ensure content accessibility with the service, how to resolve billing issues, how to configure custom settings, how to trouble-shoot software problems and so on.


You can also send IPVanish an email to get answers to your questions and queries from the support staff. The email based support system works on a first-come-first-serve basis but the IPVanish team is usually very active so responses are almost always received within reasonable time frames.


The IPVanish Forums section is divided into two sections: Announcements and Support. The IPVanish VPN team is very active in responding to customer queries in both sections, and frequently address user concerns. The Forums also double as a highly informative FAQ section.

Comparison of IPVanish with other services

If you are looking for the services with different features.No problem at all. You can check the comparison below to find a VPN of your liking.

  1. IPVanish vs NordVPN
  2. IPVanish vs ExpressVPN
  3. IPVanish vs PureVPN
  4. IPVanish vs VyprVPN
  5. IPVanish vs PIA

IPVanish vs. PureVPN – Which is better

Given the number of VPN providers available in the industry, it is hard to find the service that meets your requirement. This were analyzed multiple service and compared it with IPVanish. We came across various PureVPN reviews, and here is our breakdown of IPVanish vs. PureVPN:

  • On paper, PureVPN offers 750+ servers across 180 location, whereas, IPVanish offers 850+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Both providers offer no logging policy
  • You can transfer unlimited data and switch between servers on both VPN providers
  • PureVPN and IPVanish, both offer 5 multi-logins to subscribers
  • PureVPN supports five protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and IKEv2
  • IPVanish supports three protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP
  • Both providers come with 7 day money back guarantee
  • You get 24/7 customer support on, but PureVPN offers a live chat feature 

Author Recommendations

IPVanish ranks as a mid-level VPN service with a top-tier network that is a favorite amongst internet users around the world. The service is uncomplicated and the software is user-friendly, making it a neat little package that is suitable for new and veteran VPN users alike.

Veteran VPN users will be delighted at the professional customer support and the user-friendly software that IPVanish provides. They will be able to zoom through the tutorials and guides, and should be ready to use their IPVanish VPN and its features in no time.

First time VPN users opting for IPVanish are advised to coordinate closely with the IPVanish support team. Minor errors in installing and/or setting up the VPN can lead to complications that may prevent the IPVanish software from functioning adequately. The service has been functioning for many years now and has managed to create tutorials and guides for issues that users commonly run into. Sometimes, a bit of communication with the support team is all it takes.

The cherry on top is that if new users will be covered with IPVanish 7 day refund policy if they fail to setup their VPN service within that time period. A full week is usually more than sufficient to establish if a VPN service is working out for a user or not.

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